Thursday, September 11, 2008

THE SOUND OF SILENCE....................

EDVARD MUNCH 'The Scream' 1893

What's been really interesting is the number of calls and emails that I have received after starting this blog. Quite clearly it seems that there are many people who share my sentiments and who whilst reading it found that they could relate to some of what I had written. Whilst I have to say this is encouraging I wonder why they never said or did anything about it before. Afraid perhaps?

It always puzzles me to think that we are all in this industry together and if we collectively stand together we will be able to overcome many of these fears. This is meant to be our industry and surely we should all be having a say in the direction and the shape that it takes on in the future? I suppose as one of my colleagues this morning said to me that if you do make a 'noise' or challenge something then you run the risk of being labeled a rabble-rouser or being far too outspoken...... like I am. Well shoot me if you want but are we not all born with the innate ability to speak our minds? Are we not here to make sure that our interests and rights are safeguarded? Is it not our constitutional right to defend the the things that we hold close to our hearts? If we continuously just listen, obey and follow are we not part of a dictatorship..........?

If fear is the thing that holds us back then what is it that we are actually afraid of? Are we afraid that we will no longer cut the grade to be on guestlists, be featured on TV, hob nob with the 'fashion police'.........or risk being branded insubordinate? By remaining silent where would it get you long term? Will you be able to sit back and say that you actualised your full potential unconditionally? When will you (those that have emailed and called) realise that your fears are what holds you back. Your fear to speak out against things which are unfair/unjust is what inhibits your growth from a business and personal perspective. If there is one thing that I have learnt is that you should stay true to yourself. People may not appreciate hearing the truth or being told it but once they are able to get over their egos or insecurities they will hopefully value your honesty. The price you pay for speaking your mind might be a few noses out of joint but in the end its worth having your integrity intact.

The sound of silence comes with a price tag attached to you can't really afford in life!

"What are fears but voices airy?
Whispering harm where harm is not.
And deluding the unwary
Till the fatal bolt is shot!" Wordsworth

I am a bit tired with all the this fashion freedom fighter writing so I am going lighter on the next blog! This does not stop any of you suggesting other contentious topics up for discussion.............................

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