Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am currently working on a new collection and I thought I would share some interesting things that I have come across and that have been inspiring to me:

Austrian born violinist and composer Fritz Kreisler - sketching is a quiet activity and illustration of collections needs very little distraction other then that on which you are focusing on. His music has been very soothing and done this so effectively that I often find myself in the 'zone'. I found that Rachmaninov interpreted the 'Liebeslied' for piano.........full of complex nuances. It has kept me company through many a long hour of sketching and on my travels to Europe this month. You should try listening to it. Whilst you at it listen to Shostakovitch's interpretation of 'Tea for Two' also known as the Tahitian Trot. Music has always been integral to my creative process and somehow neo-romantic composers have brought out that sense of dark, melancholic, lonely clouds looming over the horizon of unrequited love type stories.
Far from being a depressing collection though I think that it has evoked some kind of deep need to interpret the music in a more happier and less sombre tone.

Working with students
I have been working with a group of young students and even though at times I come short of committing some unforgivable sin I have to say on the whole it has been inspiring and at the same time disappointing. I think inspiring because its great to see young minds who have no constraints in the way they design and don't really have to worry about commercial success of the garments that they design.
On the other hand I am in shock at just how little they know and how little effort they seem to put into their work. I often think that the reason we have young designers who don't go further then a few half arsed attempts at showing a fashion weeks is because I think that they are plain lazy. So I think they all think that fashion is easy and impervious to the requisite hard work that goes with many other professions! On the whole though they are challenging but I do find their inquiring minds inspiring......

Silk Gaberdine - I love the weight of this fabric in constructing fluid jackets
Tulle, tulle and more tulle especially cotton and silk ones.....
Double faced tweeds in cashmere
Heavy weight silk/wool blend jersey

'The Hour I First Believed' by Wally Lamb
'La Fleur du Mal' - Baudelaire
'Couture Culture - A Study in Modern Art and Fashion' by Nancy J Troy

The Three Penny Opera - Kurt Weill
'Tonight I Burn Brightly' - Bill Ricchini
'El Hotel 2 - Segmento' - Various

Chanel Signe
Shameless Season 5

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