Wednesday, October 8, 2008

LACE........MOVING INTO 09 & BEYOND.....

Sonata Lace Bodysuit & Gavin Rajah Couture

Manolo Blahnik Lace Mule

Tord Boontje Floral Chandelier

Louise Campbell 'Bless You' Chair

Gam Plus Fratesi Lace Chair
Decarabia Bracelet

I am currently looking at new collections in fabrics to place orders on and I am bowled over by how many laces are in each of the fabric collections and just how many new designs are available at the moment from the lace houses. I love the lightness and the feminine edge lace brings to a garment and must say that this season I have used a bit........not sure I can hold back for the next season either! Even the last cruise collection managed to not go unscathed without a dose of lace....... Forget the naff oversized patterns that were once de rigeur in collections.....lace is taking on a new look.

Old wiry grannies making beautiful hankerchiefs in Venice? Sexy frilly bits to cover fleshy parts.......lace is taking on a new direction this season and impacting on many areas of design.

Taking on fresh interpretations from old patterns and details reminiscent of what your grand mum would have worn; this season it returns in forms and patterns that are reflective of the technological age we live in. Abstract gossamer cobwebs, alphabets through to landscapes have been woven into lace for collections moving away from the delicacy and preciousness often associated with it. Muiccia Prada last season described it as the most significant fabric in a women's life associating it with birth, marriage and death; and possible many other important occasions in between. Forthcoming seasons will see lace featuring hugely in all the collections.........woven, laser cut, printed, crocheted and embellished..........

Solstiss Lace

For an amazing selection of lace try Solstiss out.......I tend to buy alot from this French house. Only word of caution is that you order in advance and pray that the rand does not do major dives.....oh and check the duty and courier costs payable!

Check out Sophie Halette or Strella who also produce some amazing laces.......

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